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AGR - Austrian Glas Recycling

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40 Jahre


Austria Glas Recycling

Austria's waste glass company

Austria Glas Recycling  organises the collecting and recycling of used glass packaging throughout Austria. Austria Glas Recycling is part of a network also consisting of municipalities, private and municipal waste-collection companies, research institutions and the glass industry. Austria Glas Recycling is a non-profit company which strives to balance its stake-holders’ contradictory interests.

Austria Glas Recycling: The responsibilities

Austria Glas Recycling is responsible for:

  • COLLECTING the waste glass (glass packaging) from private households and industry all over Austria
  • PASSING ON the waste glass (glass packaging) to glass bottle manufacturers in Austria and neighbouring countries.
  • RECYCLING: Austria Glas Recycling guarantees that 100 % of the waste glass (glass packaging) collected is recycled

In behalf of Austria Glas Recycling, private and municipal companies collect waste glass from private households as well as companies and deliver it, according to demand, to glass factories mainly based in Austria. After sorting out inappropriate material, the glass bottles are used as secondary raw material to produce new ones. Glass can be recycled repeatedly without a decrease in quality.

Austria Glas Recycling collects packaging glass (bottles and jars). Other sorts of glass (windows, mirrors, dishes, lamps etc.) have to be delivered to waste collecting or recycling stations by the citizens.